Robotics Courses

Dr. Xiong developed a new course ME 601 Advanced Robotics: Modern Motion Planning, Estimation, and Control, which is offered in every Fall semester.

Some relevant (but not complete) courses in robotics at UW-Madison are listed here:

(Some descriptions are copied from Dr. Peter Adamczyk’s website):

  • ME/ECE 439 Introduction to Robotics: Hands-on introduction to key concepts and tools underpinning robotic systems in use and development today. Intended to give students the tools to understand robotic systems, to explore robotics for their own purposes, and to pursue advanced study in the field.
  • ME/ECE 739 Advanced Robotics: In-depth study of advanced robotics modeling and control. Topics include kinematics, motion planning, dynamics and control of serial chain robotic manipulators. Concepts are explored through a combination of theoretical and numerical modeling techniques.
  • ME 446 Automatic Controls: Sequencing control. Theory of linear feedback control systems with illustrative examples taken from applications encountered by mechanical engineers; differential equations for defining dynamic system response, Laplace transforms, and transient and frequency response concepts.
  • EMA 542 Advanced Dynamics: Kinematics and kinetics of plane and three-dimensional motion, Coriolis acceleration, general methods of linear and angular momentum, central force motion, gyrodynamics, generalized coordinates. Lagrange’s equations.
  • CS 726, 730 Nonlinear Optimization
  • CS 838 Physics Based Modeling and Simulation
  • ME/ECE 746 Dynamics of Control Systems
  • ECE 717 Linear Systems
  • CS 731 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 766 Computer Vision
  • CS 760 – Machine Learning