Up-to-date reprints can be found in Xiaobin Xiong’s google scholar.

Preprints (Comments are welcome) 

  1. Yifei Chen, Arturo Gamboa-Gonzalez, Michael Wehner, and Xiaobin Xiong
    Explosive Legged Robotic Hopping: Energy Accumulation and Power Amplification via Pneumatic Augmentation
    PDF, Video
  2. Yi Wang*, Jiarong Kang*, Zhiheng Chen*, and Xiaobin Xiong
    Terrestrial Locomotion of PogoX: From Hardware Design to Energy Shaping and Step-to-step Dynamics Based Control
    PDF, Video



  1. Xiaobin Xiong
    Reduced Order Model Inspired Robotic Bipedal Walking: A Step-to-step Dynamics Approximation based Approach. 
    California Institute of Technology, 2021